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We help those, who are being overlooked…

We already helped with the amount: 

9 000 €


1) Cooperation with the charity project - “House for Julia”


The core of the project is to find a lovely home for clients and their families.

Julia’s story seen by her mum Petra: 

The older I am, the more I realize that everyone holds their load. And I realized that child’s death is one of the heaviest. Only parents who went through this can understand the pain, the helplessness and emptiness of not being able to help their kid. 

The doctor we visited in a child emergency at Bulovka hospital sent us with our 6-month-old daughter back home twice. Even after the years, I have hard time to forgive him. After another sleepless night, we kept urging and our pediatrist transported us immediately by ambulance to Karlov with suspicion to pneumococcal meningitis.  

Our worst nightmare, unfortunately, came true and meningitis got confirmed. Back home while checking the internet we are realizing how terrible this infectious disease is. Deafening appears to be a little victory. Doctors do not know, a child is put into induced sleep, kidneys slowly stop working and Julia ends up on extracorporeal circulation. 

The worst truth we get in just one sentence, which is followed by a question, whether or not to use the heart of our baby for transplantation. “Brain is irreversibly damaged and for ethical reasons could not be on the extracorporeal circulation anymore.”

How long can last the body without kidneys? We immediately agree. The heart of our daughter remained working for the next 9 long days. Days of pleasing the doctors and asking them to let Julia go. If there would be an option for euthanasia, I would go for it so she does not have to suffer. I hold my beloved baby, which made us and her brother more than happy in my hands and am letting her go. 

After ten years since you have left, Julia, the house which will carry your name is being built. Child hospice will serve parents that appeared to be in the same situation. There is nothing that could help us to bring you back, but at least we can help other parents in a similar situation. 

I believe you would be proud of us. 

Mum, Petra. 



2) Cooperation with the charity project - Child patron  


The main idea of this project is to help medically as well as socially discredited kids and their families from all around the Czech republic. Together we fight for a better childhood. 

Story of a little Stephen:

Three years old Stephen has been born in the 30th week of the pregnancy. Regardless of him being born so early, Stephen had no issues with growing except of his not so well developed arm. If only they knew this is nothing compared to all the struggles that await. 

After two months in the hospital, Stephen went finally home. After his first year celebration, however, he started the cycle of all different examinations, with completely shocking results. Doctors discovered a cyst in the back of the skull, which takes care of coordination and stability. One year later he was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker syndrome, which is a rare illness affecting the development of the brain. After two ugly seizures, doctors discovered epilepsy. Every one of the seizures deleted some of his skills so his mother had to teach him many things again. Fortunately, his medication worked and Stephen is at the moment without any other seizures. Yet still, this little fighter had to go through invagination(i.e. small intestine retracted into the colon), underwent pneumonia, intestinal virosis and many more. That's too much for such a small body. 

Little Stephan has been attending a special rehabilitation in TheraTogs suit for more than a year. This suit helps the joints stability, creates better balance and improve the quality of whole rehabilitation. This helps him a lot, but unfortunately, it is not covered by health insurance. And because family resources are limited, they decided to ask for help from Child Patron. 





3) Cooperation with project - Hurray for a trip!


Association Hurray for a trip! is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2014 and since 2015 they are managing free time activities for seniors above 65 years and ZTP persons cultural activities and trips connected with informationally educational approach. 

Trips are created to respect the needs and limitations that are specific for these people. Thus they are conceived as one day, easily manageable, safe, financially available but still remaining interesting. 

Every senior or ZTP person pays a symbolic amount of 100 CZK. The average costs per person are approximately 800 CZK per trip. The rest covers the association which is searching for resources from the public as well as corporate resources, grants and foundations. 

One of associations motives is an effort to higher the quality of seniors and ZTP persons lives. Another one is for example discovery of considerable abuse of seniors on show off actions. Association by its activities continues the research and finding proving the scale of the violence against the seniors, their abuse, indebtedness and amount of financial executions taken against them.