Refund procedure


Please fill the reclamation form so we know exactly what is the issue and send a properly packed package to the address: 

Czechsoul s. r. o.
Karásek 2262/1i 
62100 Brno
Czech republic
We send the money as soon as possible, though no later than 14 days after delivery. 

Once the package is received, we immediately contact the manufacturer and wait for their decision. In case of successful reclamation, we either send you directly a new product, in case it is on stock, or refund the full amount to your credit account.


Rules of reclamation


It is necessary to claim reclamation immediately after the defect has appeared. Any delay, while continuously using the product, could worsen the defect and further devaluate it which may be eventually reason for the decline of your claim.

Warranty is applicable for 24 months and cannot be confused with the service life of the product. That is the period within which, if used correctly and taken care of properly, such a product can last according to their purpose and intensity of use. As defected, it cannot be considered changes, that appeared within the warranty period as a result of wear and tear, incorrect usage, insufficient or incorrect maintenance, natural changes of material used, or any direct damage caused either by the user or by any third person.

In case, the buyer recognises the product received is incorrect or defective, contact us at best within 7 days on e-mail address

Reclamation is considered as rightly claimed when the product is complete and there are no hygienic reasons for it being declined. The customer is obliged to provide goods clean and hygienically harmless. Company General Soul s. r. o. operating e-shop has the right to decline requests for reclamation in case any of the above hygienic principles would not be satisfied.

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