Privacy Policy
The Legal clause of the General Soul s.r.o.


For company general soul s.r.o. is the most important our end customer. This means take care properly of the order, eventually the reclamation. Together with that, we are doing our best in protecting the personal information of all our customers. We cooperate only with renowned partners and are never providing them with more information than necessary.


Ochrana osobních údajů


Information regarding customers is preserved in accordance with laws if the Czech Republic, especially in accordance with the law of the protection of personal information number 101/2000 coll. incl. later amendments and regulations. Company General Soul s.r.o. uses customer’s data only for their own purposes and does not provide them to any third parties. 

The exception consists of external carriers. To those carriers, we are providing only the minimum needed for smooth delivery. That is name, surname, address, email and the phone number - nothing more. 

Another exception is an accounting company that takes care of our accountancy as well as IT company OxyShop s.r.o. and AVITO s.r.o., which maintains our e-shop. Also, there is iPodnik, that takes care of our servers and that has access to all data you provide us with during the order. 

We also provide data to companies Heureka and PayU. These data consists only of e-mail and created order. 

None of these external companies has the right to use the personal data in any other way than what is their original purpose. 

Without customer’s explicit consent, General Soul s.r.o. treats personal data only to the extent allowed by the law of personal data protection, especially §5 article 2 letter b) and § 5 article 6.


Personal data are fully secured against misusage.

Data are kept on backed-up servers owned by company iPodnik and are not provided to any other persons. 

Company General Soul has a right, as an administrator of their personal data obtained in the context of their activity, to use the name, surname, and address, in accordance with the §5 article 5 about personal data protection, for a purpose of business or service offers.

This personal data is possible to delete from the database upon the customer’s written request. Then the administrator has no right to further process the aforementioned data.