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We proudly represent our brands and we do our best for their success. Let us briefly introduce you our pick! 


GoldBee is the youngest brand in our offer. It mainly offers modern and minimalist design for its products. Due to its focus, it ranks among sports fashion, but even so, the products of this brand are very versatile and can be easily worn in the city or just for any leisure time activity.
By choosing the fiber ratio in the production of the fabric, GoldBee brand products have achieved the required comfort, flexibility and opacity, which are key features for quality leggings.
The emphasis on product quality is also transferred on the selection of manufacturers - all products and their components are manufactured exclusively in the EU.
We have been following GoldBee from the very beginning and we believe that it has strong potential to become a leader in the fitness fashion market.

Check out GoldBee products:

Leggings / Resistance bands / Tops / Sport bags


Hugz is one of the fastest-growing British brand offering trousers, jeans or shorts with unique design and great materials which highlight womanly curves and creates a perfect overall effect. Considering their phenomenal growth since their start in September 2018, there were no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Part of their continuing plan is the expansion to another international market and increase their customer base all around the world with the aim to become a recognised brand in the fashion world.



Gym Glamour is a fashion brand for women. Their biggest merit is in maximal quality which has absolutely no competition. You can be sure, you will shine even outside the gym. Gym Glamour t-shirts and sweatshirts can be without hesitating worn even during your regular day. 




This brand has started 10 years ago and is asserting their position of successful, young and ambitious company every year more and more. This company, based in Budapest, collaborates with Disney, FOX or for example Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory. They are coming to the market with playful collections made by graphic or street art artists as well as young designers. Thanks to this young mindset, they are able to get the attention exactly as the so-called Cape Sugarbird while love-making.


Iconic brand Better Bodies offers a wide range of Men’s and Women’s fitness clothing and accessories not only for hardcore training in the gym but also for daily wearing as modern sportswear. Better Bodies ensures their products have the highest quality. A big part of their products is processed manually so every single piece is original. They are not only sportswear brand - Better Bodies is a lifestyle! You can find some worldwide fitness and body-building professionals participating with Better Bodies and GASP on their development and testing. 

Clothing from Brazilian LabellaMafia is internationally recognized not only for their high-quality materials but also for innovative and distinctive design. Their purpose is to inspire and motivate women to fulfill their dreams. We all live busy lifes, but that does not stop us from finding some spare time for sport and training. 


Nothing amazing has ever been created by following exact norms and principles and amazing can be created only by cutting the edge. If you want to gain something, you need to lose something. These were the ideas leading, one lazy Sunday in 2007 in Oslo, to a foundation of Onepiece. Easy ideas are often the best ideas. This idea was to combine comfortability of hoodies and sweatpants,  that’s why - Onepiece. One and only perfect piece of overall. Some said it looks stupid. Some said it will not work. The work on their idea of the most innovative and modern clothing, however, continued regardless of the others and resulted in the worldwide success of this elaborate overall. Today we have 10 conceptual stores, more than 1000 retailers selling in more than 100 countries in the world and more than 1 million fans all around the globe.