Ecology and Sustainability

Everybody heard at least once in their life about terrible conditions or saw alarming pictures from large factories used by global textile companies. Long shifts, minimum wages, children work force. Fashion gigants claim they do not own these factories thus they can´t control the conditions. However such an excuse is unacceptable!

Due to public and activists pressure companies begun to offer sustainable products as a part of their selection. But it is almost impossible to verify what are the real conditions for employees during the manufacture process or if we just getting „greenwashed“.


GoldBee products are manufactured with absolute transparency.


European brand GoldBee is well known for manufacturing every product within European Union. This way they can make sure that their employees, including dressmakers are settled in safe, pleasant and air-conditioned environment.

Also their business partners and suppliers must obey these conditions, which is regularly checked by GoldBee owners.

Ecological and sustainable production is one of top priorities in GoldBee. That is the reason why they only choose such suppliers and partners who share same philosophy and approach.

Fabric used for GoldBee products meets requirements of international certification OEK-TEX STANDARD 100.