Amazing can only be achieved by breaking boundaries. Nothing truly great ever came out of following the rules. To win something, you have to lose something. This was the mindset that led to the foundation of Onepiece, one lazy Sunday in Oslo, 2007. In an effort to capture and conceptualize the essence of a carefree Sunday filled with beautiful nothingness, the idea of a brand built around the art of slacking was born.

Simple ideas are often the greatest; whilst searching for the pinnacle of slackerwear, the idea of tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper ended up in what would become the Onepiece Jumpsuit, the very core product of the brand. Some said it would look stupid, some said it wouldn’t last, most people agreed it wouldn’t work out.

Today, Onepiece a global movement of slackers, counting 10 Concept Stores, over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries and over 1 million fans worldwide - and the slumber party has barely just started...