Freddy / Push-Up


Freddy is an Italian fashion sports brand characterized above all by an amazing design and pleasant material. Silicone elements ensure that the trousers are held in the right place and do not slide. Freddy is proud of his worldwide sales success. Why? Pants shape your nice ass, and you don't even have to work hard in the gym. WR.UP technology creates a pushup effect, so the buttocks are optically rounded nicely. They are made in several lengths, with different waist heights and you will not be disappointed with the choice of colors - from classic jeans, ie blue and black, through decent gray, brown, pastel or camouflage to nature to distinctive shades or jeans with embroidery. In the fitness centers you can use leggings and sports bras, for casual wear we recommend sweatshirts and the previously mentioned clothes. For all products, customers also praise the comfort and pleasant material.