About Us


Our company was founded in 2016. If we were to summarize our journey in only one word it would be probably "a change". We wanted to distribute clothing of various brands that did not appear on the Czech market at all or very rarely. And because ladies are on the first place for us, we decided to focus in women’s range to make them more happy, more beautiful and more self-confident.

During our journey much has changed and evolved. We were the first who raise a partnership with the Italian brand Freddy and we proudly brought it to the Czech market. Based on that we have become thair exclusive distributors under the domain www.pushupjeans.cz 

And that was the break point when everything started. We said to ourselves that we would like to give our customers more products from other famous brands, which were in short supply on the Czech market. We decided to reach brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret’s and many more. They really liked our work and ideas so we agreed on the distribution of their products. And the brand Naine was born!

We are focused mainly on the sports range now. We appreciate and are very much looking forward to working with popular brands such as Gym Glamour, BetterBodies or Nebbia.

We love to discover a new range of products and make friends with other successful brands all over the world.

And this is not the end! We are super excited to introduce you the newest brand in our portfolio - Goldbee. You can expect slightly more innovative and higher quality products at the prices of a newcomer to the market. GoldBee is created for everybody and we want the greatest fashion hits and news to be affordable for every one of you. Be Gold. GoldBee.